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Metallurgical Engineering Services, Inc. is an accredited independent test laboratory.  We specialize in the fields of surface analysis, mechanical testing, root cause failure analysis, and chemical analysis.

Our experts provide testing services for the analysis of metals, polymers, and other materials.  Our staff consists of certified professionals in the disciplines of materials science, mechanical, and metallurgical engineering. 

Our depth of resources allows us to provide routine quality testing, as well as research and failure investigations.  We pride ourselves in providing quality work with a rapid turnaround.  Please feel free to explore our web site or visit our facilities. 

Typical projects include failure analysis of metal and polymer components, surface analysis of metal layers and films, mechanical testing of all materials, paint and coating testing, and environmental testing.  We perform ASTM, MIL, ISO and custom tests for a variety of materials. 

With our primary lab located in the Dallas area, we provide services to all industries worldwide.  Our flexible services allow us to offer mail order testing with rapid turnaround.  We encourage you to apply our teamwork to your most difficult challenges and enjoy the benefits of our specialized services. 

For over 24 years, Metallurgical Engineering Services has provided independent materials testing, failure analysis, and consulting services.  We specialize in the fields of electron beam services, thin film analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion, and environmental testing.  Metallurgical offers quality testing, modern equipment, an experienced staff, and rapid turnaround. 

The professional staff consists of doctorate level and experienced professionals in the disciplines of materials science, electron beam surface characterization, mechanical, and metallurgical engineering. 

Our modern facilities include:

  • A state-of-the-art electron beam lab  equipped with five Scanning Electron Microscopes.  These microscopes  provide EDX, Auger, and WDS for composition determination.  

  • High magnification digital imaging allows us to identify fracture modes, corrosion, defects, and surface layers. 

  • Auger microprobes provide thin film surface element detection.

  • FTIR spectrometers that can quickly identify organic contaminants, microscopic particles, lubricants, paints, and unknown materials. 

  • Optical lab provides metallurgical inspection  of microstructures, thermal spray inspection, and corrosion analysis. 

  • Complete mechanical test facilities provide tensile, hardness, bend, fatigue, torsion, fracture toughness, and impact testing.


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