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Bend Testing

Bend testing determines the ductility or the strength of a material by bending the material over a given radius.  Following the bend, the sample is inspected for cracks on the outer surface.  Bend testing provides insight into the modulus of elasticity and the bending strength or a material.  Metallurgical offers three and four point bend setups with interchangeable rollers for a variety of test configurations.  


Specimens are often cut into rectangular bars or tested as whole. We routinely test machined coupons, fasteners, wire, cable, tubes, pipes, plates, structural beams, or bars.  Our machine shop and qualified machinists will machine your raw materials to standard coupons if necessary.  We utilize an extensive variety of fixtures to provide the tensile setup needed to complete your test. 

Specifications for tests performed may be ASTM, MIL, or other standards.  The experience of our engineers and a comprehensive quality control program ensure accurate, reproducible results. 

Our primary mechanical testing instrumentation includes the following:

  • Satec, Model 120HVL, 120,000lb capacity, Servo Hydraulic
  • Baldwin, Model TEG, 60,000lb capacity, Hydraulic
  • Instron, Model 1000, 1000lb capacity, Screw Driven
  • Brinell Hardness Tester, Model L
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester, Wilson Model 4DT
  • Vickers Micro Hardness Tester, Model LR, Tukon Model 300BM 
  • Knoop Micro Hardness Tester, Tukon Model 300BM
  • Durometer Hardness Tester, Types A & D, Instron Model 1600 (2)
  • Charpy Impact Tester, Model CS-137-074
  • Friction & Wear Tester, Paul N. Gardner Co. Model 80
  • Taber Abrasion Tester, Model 503-1
  • Paint Adhesion Tester
  • Digital Strain Gage data display
  • 14' Drop Impact Tower
  • Satec Model R.R. Moore Fatigue Tester

MES is capable of testing large lot sizes for manufacturing controls and we offer discounted rates for high volume testing.  



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